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During our reunions we share war stories and amusing incidents that occurred while serving in Vietnam, or elsewhere for that matter.  We talk about veterans health issues and events that impact our lives.  Unfortunately, this is a relatively small group who are able to share with one another .

Sure we can connect with anyone through Email, Facebook and other social media but many of us do not use social media. Emails can generate some interest but usually are cursory, used for jokes and sent to just a few individuals. So again, many of our members are left out.

We have around 500 active members in our organization with most unable to attend our reunions.  They are unable to share in the camaraderie and share their stories, issues and events that impact their lives. The result is a mass disconnect within our organization. A mass disconnect exists between those who do attend our reunions and those who cannot.

Life is getting short and the time in which we can communicate with our brothers is also getting short.  The question becomes:   How can we reach out to more of our members in a meaningful way?

While thinking about this question, it came to mind that many of us like to express ourselves through the written word.  This method of mass communication is missing within our organization. How can we fill a void and reach out to a greater number of members?  The answer is a Military Police Journal and Forum.

Military Police Journal and Forum.

The purpose of a journal and forum is to close the communication gap.  It provides members a means to share their war stories and amusing situations. It provides members a means to write about themselves, about their personal experiences, about physical and mental health concerns they have, or whatever is on their mind.  We can look at this forum as a place where we can offer mutual support for one another.

This journal and forum offers an alternative to social media where here all members should feel safe and comfortable sharing when in-person interaction is not possible.

No matter what MOS you had, what duties you performed, or where else you served beside in Vietnam, we encourage you to participate.  Whether you attend our reunions or not please share with us.  As the saying goes:

“Everyone Has A Story To Tell”

This forum is wide open to any topic.  Topics are not limited to your experience in the Army.  This is a place where you should feel comfortable expressing whatever is on your mind.  There is no censorship but please be respectful of others and use appropriate language.


Topics Of Interest While Serving In The Military

    • Provide some biographical information about your time in the Army.  List your duties while in the service and in Vietnam.  Bring up some names of those you worked with so that others might remember you.
    • Write about some humorous situations.
    • Recall a specific incident or action that occurred in Vietnam or anywhere else where you served.
    • Create any topic of your own.


Topics Of Interest Since Your Military Service

    • Introduce a topic for discussion on mental and physical health concerns of veterans.
    • Introduce a topic on an issue that is of particular concern to you. Point readers to interesting articles that cover that particular issue.  .
    • Introduce a topic on any contemporary subject or event that might impact our lives.  Suggest a good book or a film on the subject.
    • Create any topic of your own.




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