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    Sam Harrison

    We provide a forum devoted to our favorite stories and experiences while serving in the military because we love to share them.
    But what is it that brings us together? Why do we have this tremendous yearn for fellowship and the yearn to reunite with others like us; to reunite with other veterans?

    The following quote by an unknown author was sent to me sometime ago by Joe Hanicak, of the 630th MPC. This author provides his own perspective of what camaraderie means to him. It is a perspective that I share and I believe it is one that we all share.

    I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted at their best; men who suffered and sacrificed, who were stripped of their humanity. I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation, the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made, the reason we were so willing to die for one another. As long as I have memory, I will think of them all, every day. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thought will be of my family and my comrades … Such good men.

    Author unknown

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