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    Sam Harrison

    54th MP Company: Report of a Prowler

    My first duty station after MP school at Fort Gordon was with the 54th MP Company, Fort Ord California. This was in the summer of 1969. We worked 12 hour shifts and this particular incident occurred late one night during the night shift. A call came in to the MP Station from an Officer’s Quarters. It was the wife of an officer, complaining about a person lurking around outside her residence. She reported she was all alone and that her husband was deployed to Vietnam. Apparently, families of field grade officers were allowed to remain on post in military housing while their spouse was overseas.

    I received the radio call and proceeded to the location of the reported incident. With my flashlight, I looked all around outside her residence. I saw no evidence of anyone being there. After completing my search, I knocked on the door. The woman opened the door and there before me was this gorgeous woman dressed in very sheer lingerie and robe. I was 20 years old at the time and suddenly found myself speechless. Anyway, I gathered my thoughts and managed to tell her that I found no evidence of anyone around. I told her if she sees anything suspicious again to please call the station.

    She thanked me for checking everything out and invited me in for coffee. I sensed by the way she was dressed and the seductive tone in her voice, she wanted more than to share a cup of coffee with me. I knew better not to take her up on her offer. I thanked her and told her I had to go back on patrol.

    I filled out my police report and when I got back to the MP station, I told the Desk Sergeant what happened. Of course, the word got out about the incident.

    A few days later, the same woman called the MP station about a prowler. A radio call went out over the air to any patrol near that location. All of a sudden you heard call signs like …. “ORD 11 RESPONDING !”,
    “ORD 12 RESPONDING !” …. At least 4 patrols responded that they were in route. Moments later, several patrol cars appeared in front of this woman’s residence, hoping to get a good look at her. Just then, the Duty Officer pulled up and called everyone off. He said he would handle the complaint.

    I often wonder if that officer decided to take up this beautiful woman’s offer to share a cup of coffee with her.

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