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If you served with the 630th MP Company, we want your stories!
If you served at other duty stations besides Vietnam, we want your stories!
No matter what MOS you had, what duties you performed, or where else you served besides
the 630th MP Company, we encourage you to participate. As the saying goes:
“Everyone Has A Story To Tell”

This is an open forum to provide a place where you can express whatever is on your mind.

Remember, topics are not limited to your experience in Vietnam. For example, you can write about
basic training, advanced training, stateside duty, or duty anywhere in the world. You can write about current issues that may be of interest to active service men and women and not just to veterans.

  • Write about a humorous incident.
  • Recall a specific incident or action that occurred anywhere you served.
  • Express your thoughts about any of the reunions you attended.
  • Introduce topics for discussion on mental and physical health concerns.
  • Point readers to interesting articles that cover a variety of issues.
  • Suggest a good book or a film.
  • Write about anything that might be of interest to others.


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