The History of the 630th Military Police Company in Vietnam

(1965 to 1972)

Reported as the Single Largest Military Police Company in
Republic of Vietnam
Spread Over Hundreds of Miles
Covering II Corps

Area of Operation (AO)  :
Cam Ranh Bay, Phan Thiet,

Phan Rang, DaLat,
Ba Loc – Goodview Pass ( Ant Hill )


The 630th Military Police Company was reactivated on 25 June 1965 at Fort Riley, Kansas. Men were shipped from all Army posts in the area bring the company to full strength in a period of two weeks. On 23 August 1965 members of the reactivated company departed Fort Riley for Oakland, embarked on the U.S.S. General J.A. Breckenridge for the Republic of Vietnam.

The Company arrived at Cam Ranh Bay 15 September 1965 and immediately assumed their mission of harbor security. On 27 October 1965 the 630th MP Company reorganized under TO&E 19-57F (Escort Guard Company).

The mission was constantly changing ; primarily to the security of Cam Ranh Bay with supplementary missions of highway patrol and convoy escort duty. Included in the mission of security to Cam Ranh Bay was the duty of escorting distinguished visitors in the cam Ranh Bay area. The 630th MP Co. also processed Prisoners Of War (POWs) from the MR II South area of operations. A POW collection point was located in the rear of the company area to aid in quick processing of the POWs. The Company participated with the joint police forces of the area in in the role of counter-insurgency. Operations termed Reconnaissance Type Ambush were conducted in key areas around the Cam Ranh Bay peninsula.

December 1967 saw yet another mission added to the former missions, that of pier security and custom inspection.  The Company began deploying small squads of men to outlaying areas in the II Corps South operational zone, thus providing further on the spot police support.  June 1969 saw the receipt of the XM-701 Armored Car.  Crews were trained and cross trained in all facets of the armored cars to assist them in their convoy escort missions.  Convoys were escorted throughout the MR II to include a five day convoy into Cambodia.  The MPs of the Company participated directly in action to counter enemy ground attacks through the II Corps Tactical Zone (South) by manning bunkers and providing ready reaction forces. 

September 1970 saw the 630th MP Company participating in the first air mobile Military Police operation in Vietnam.  Members of the 630th were utilized in th 97th MP Battalion Operation ADIOS (Air Detection and Identification of Speeders).  Operation Lam San 719 saw members of the 1st platoon, 630th MP Company being relocated north to assist A Company 504th MP Battalion in providing traffic control on Highway QL-1 and Police support to Nha San and He.  September 1971 saw another airlifting of Military Police from the 630th, this time to Whiskey Mountain.  The MPs arrived, apprehending fourteen men who were armed and barricaded in a bunker.  The individuals were quickly searched and escorted by Chinook helicopter to Long Binh Stockade. 

October 1972 brought forth yet another similar operation; however, this was to Praline Mountain near DaLat.  The Praline Mountain operation was prompted by two fragmentation grenade incidents on two consecutive nights.  Numerous raids, at the request of the Deputy Post Commander, were conducted on units on the Cam Ranh Bay peninsula resulting in large quantities of confiscated contraband items.  The troop cutbacks and the withdrawals affected the 630th Military Police Company resulting in the closing out of the outlying detachments, centralizing the company members once again in Cam Ranh Bay.

The members of the 630th Military Police Company were not only employed in fighting the enemy, members of the unit participated in numerous Civic Action programs.  Two Military Policeman in the DaLat detachment spent their off duty-time teaching English to Vietnamese children in the Saint Merias School.  The Christmas spirit was displayed by all members of the Company, donating toys and food to the Ba Ngoi Orphanage.  During off-duty time the Military Policeman from the company built a playground for the orphanage using materials they gathered.  Through its service in the Republic of Vietnam, the 630th Military Police Company and its members upheld the motto.  “Of The Troops and Fort The Troops”.

Chronological Events

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