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3) Louie Crook 
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8-29-2015 04:36

Guys the first reunion was in Ark. in 2007 with Ken Anderson, Mike Blakney and Louie Crook. We have had other reunions Which I will post later.

Louie Crook 9-21-2015 01:22
Guys there has been a reunion almost every year 2007 3guys in Hot Springs, 2008 7 in St.Louis, 2010 6 at Ft. Leonard, 2011 about 60 in St. Louis, 2012 5 in Austin, Tx., 2013 and 2014 Branson.
Also, Ken Anderson, Mike Blakney and myself were in Hot Spring and when to the Gun Cave which is owned by Jan Morgan. You may have seen her on Fox News. She runs a Muslin free gun range.

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