630th Military Police Patrol
Thompson Compound 1967

In 1967, the U.S. Army was in the process of changing over from the
"Straight Pocket" state-side fatigue shirt to the "Slant Pocket" jungle fatigue jacket. Pictured here are both types.

North Vietnamese NVA Sapper Caught
At Cam Ranh Bay 1968

Highly trained in demolition and undetected penetration techniques, North Vietnamese Army Sappers would carry or wear satchel charges to blow up and destroy select targets such as, the MyCa Bridge, over Cam Ranh Bay, fuel and supply depots, artillery positions, and ammunition dumps.

The 630th Military Police Company History And Memorial

The Republic of Vietnam

1965 - 1972


This document includes 630th Military History, Commander’s  Notes and a List of Commanding Officers. 

Much of the history on  630th Military Police Operations in South Vietnam was collected from “After Action Reports”,

“Incident Reports” and from original  MP Company “Rosters”.  

We are grateful to members and friends of the 630th Military Police Company,  who donated their time and efforts  researching  history on our Unit.  It took many long hours,  sifting through hundreds of pages of archives to gather data.  Unfortunately many pages were found illegible or were missing information.  Although edited, none the less, there is a lot of history captured here.




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C.O.   Notes
CPT Ronald Cleaver
1970 - 1971

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Company Commanders
1965 - 1972

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Map of Vietnam Showing Locations of Major Action